Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tried to come up with a cool title but failed

I'll admit that I am not sure how long this email will be. I remember that it was a good but as I have been trying to write not much has come to my mind. This week has flown by. I suppose I shall give you all the highlights:

Wednesday: I don't know why but I felt very frustrated and woke up in a bad mood. Of course, because I am on a mission I know that I shouldn't be in a bad mood because I know where all those feelings come from. We had planned to go roller blading but it rained all day long. As my district talked about sports I felt like I could not contribute to the conversation. But I took a little time to myself, still in the same room, and heard about trials and read from the scriptures. I do not remember what I read but I felt peaceful afterwards. Then some other elders came early for English club and I got to know other elders better. Sounds dumb when I typed it all out but by the time we left I found my bad mood was gone. 

Thursday: Met with a less active member and had a good lesson. As we talked about Joseph Smith and the gospel of Jesus Christ I got a little emotional. As I stopped to ponder what I would say I thought about all those you lived between Christ's death and Jospeh Smith. I thought about how long they must have been waiting for the Restoration so that we could do their ordinances, for such as baptism, for them and give them the opportunity to have eternal families. Then that night Sister Bullough and I had our companionship prayer but we almost forgot to talk about the miracles of the day. As we discussed the miracles we saw we had a long discussion about our families, what we wanted in our future families, how we met about the mission, etc. We talked, we laughed, we cried, then we went to bed exhausted. 

Friday: We had a great district meeting where we discussed how we can find people to teach. It was a very spiritual district meeting and helped fired us up because we went chalk drawing with the elders in the Perovo Branch. The elders drew while Sister Bullough and I handed our flyers and talked to people. We did not get any contacts but I felt good because I talked to people and tried my best. That night we had a meeting with a less active girl and she is awesome and ending up sharing more with us than we expected. 

Monday we had an interesting lesson. A lady is my branch is getting married and moving to Idaho next month. We went over and shared a spiritual thought with her and her roommate, also a member of the church. We talked about how we can make our homes spiritual centers where we can receive answers to our prayers and prepare us for what Heavenly Father has planned for us. As I talked the roommate kept looking to the side and at one point put her head on the table. I thought to myself, "Am I doing or saying something wrong?" After the lesson she thanked us and told us that she has been working really late the past few weeks. As we were talking she felt like I needed to make family home evening more of a priority. Then she said that I spoke very well for how long I have been here.

Those are the highlights from the past week. We met with mostly less actives because almost all of our investigators could not meet. We have tired not to get discouraged as we talk about our investigators because they are not making as much progress as they could be. And you know what the problem is? Reading the Book of Mormon. While I have been on a mission I have seen the difference the little things make. Don't neglect the little things. They make all the difference in the world and could affect your entire life.

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