Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So you remember our investigator Margaret? We called her on Saturday and found out that she has no days off for the next month. So she  cannot meet with us or be baptized for another month of two. However, she still wants to be baptized and has a lot of faith in God. We call her on the phone and give her lessons over the phone at night. One cool thing about our investigators is that they are already doing missionary work. When we called Margaret she told us that she was talking to a friend and religion came up. She asked her friend why there are so many Christian churches. Her friend responded that she did not know and asked Margaret how she knew. She bore her testimony and talked about the Church. Then she shared the dvds we gave her and the Book of Mormon. She even gave her friend her Russian copy (she has one in English) to her! How awesome is that?

We also went to Karina's apartment on Sunday. It was a typical Russian apartment with about 1 room, a small bathroom, and a kitchen. We also met her son who is a typical teenage boy. We had a good lesson and Karina had her son make us dinner. He was not happy at firs that we were coming but he warmed up at us by the end. She also showed us her Karate pictures and videos of her taking down people bigger than her. She is a sport trainer and karate instructer. She talks to everyone and pretty much I want to be the missionary version of Karina.

Last week our district slighly changed. We have one new elder fresh from the MTC. Sister Bullough and I drew a little welcome outside the elders' apartment for him. He was in the pilot program at the MTC where his teachers only spoke Russian to him from day one. His Russian is better than mine! And one of our elders (who is from Russia) moved to the international branch but he is still in our district.

I don't think I ever told you about the natives in our mission. We do not have a lot. There are 3 elders from Russia, 1 siser from Russia, 1 sister from Ukraine, and 1 sister from Latvia. The rest are all Americans and we have one elder from England. 

For our Preparation Days we start by doing the usual: wake up at 6:30, exercise, shower and eat breakfast, then we have an hour of personal study and an hour of companion study. Then we clean the apartment and try to do our shopping. We have a washing machine in our apartment but it is small and because it would be hard to get all our washing done on one day we are allowed to do our washing throughout the week but it cannot interfere with missionary work. No dryers so we lay out our clothes to dry. Typically we have an activity with our district that will last the rest of the day. Everyone in my district loves sports so we mostly play sports but we try to invite investigators and have them play with us. Last week we played Settlers of Catan and some card games at a senior couples house. P-Day ends at 6pm when we have our regular meeting with Karina before English Club. 

Sorry for the lackluster email this week. I hope you enjoy the pictures though! Time is just about out! Love you all!

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