Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, first of all I know have a companion! Training so far has been good. It was an interesting week in several ways. There were some disappointments and some happy surprises. 

I'll start with the bad news. I suppose it is so bad as it was a little disappointing. This week I was really hoping to have a great lesson with Anna and help her see that she is ready for baptism. After all, we have covered all the commandments that most people have problems with before baptism. Instead of hindering her all of these commandments inspired her and she understood why they are so important for us. Anyways, the night before we usually meet I got a text message from her. Her dad not long ago was diagnosed with cancer. Here in Russia they could not find out what type of cancer he had so she flew with her dad to Israel to a clinic. The unfortunate news for our missionary work is that she will be with him until at least the end of May. Keep her and her father in your prayers. 

But that was perhaps the downpoint of my week. But there were other great experiences. Last Monday during Preparation Day I had the opportunity to watch 17 Miracles. I loved it and those who know me well will not be surprised to know that I cried my way through the film. 

After the film we finally met with Adella. Adella is from Cuba and I have been trying to meet with her for over 3 months. Unfortunately, she works a lot so it has been hard to meet with her. Thankfully, we got a meeting for Monday at 7pm. We did meet with her but she was an hour late. But we had a good meeting and got to know her. She has had a hard life here in Moscow and is constantly working to try to support her family. Her first language is Spanish, but she knows English, Russian, French, and Italian. Early in our meeting I learned that family is very important to her and she is just tired and overworked. I felt like we should talk about the Book of Mormon and how it provides comfort and by reading we learn that nothing is impossible for the Lord, if we have faith. There was a special moment. Not long ago our mission president asked us to memorize the questions of the soul that the Book of Mormon answers along with the references. We finished talking about faith and there was a long moment of silence. Whenever there is silence there is an urge to fill it but I determined that I would wait until she spoke. Finally she broke the silence with a question, "What does it have about families?" I was thrilled because I had memorize a reference about how to strengthen our families. She was happy and seemed excited to read it. Hopefully, we will continue to meet with her and at least now I have some ideas on how to at least provide some comfort for her.

In other news Zhun Zhun is doing good. We did not get the time to meet this week but we are continuing to read. I can tell that she is actually starting to enjoy reading. There was one night we read two chapters together and I think if it weren't for the time we would have continued to read all night long.

As you know I am training this transfer. So far it has been good. I'll admit that I am really excited to train. A few weeks ago Sister Horspool and I, when we were serving together, talked about what our role is as we come towards the last phase of our missions. One area that we identified is training the next generation and helping them be prepared quicker than we were. I'll admit that I am excited for this chance and so far it has been good. My companion's name is Sister Gish and she is from Utah. She is ready to work and to learn which is very good.

There are also some exciting things happening in our area. Yesterday the young single adults in our area came to us and asked us how they can help with missionary work. One goal our district has this transfer is to really work with the ward and help get them more involved with missionary work. I think that as we work with the ward amazing things are going to happen.

It is finally spring time! No more winter jacket and some days I don't even need my lighter coat. It is also starting to rain a lot more. It was weird this week to walk to church and see grass along the way. Just a few weeks ago there was snow on the ground!

I am sorry for the shorter letter this week. Next week I promise to include more details about spring time in Russia and about my new companion, along with all the wonderful insights that I have been gaining from my personal study.

I love you all! Sister Daniel

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