Monday, March 26, 2012

Back in familiar surroundings.

Well, this week was an interesting one. Last time I wrote to you I was in a threesome and now as I am writing I am again in a threesome, although with different sisters. My short term missionary finished her mission and because I cannot be alone I moved in yesterday with the Perovo sisters, into my old apartment. Which means that for for my companions are Sister Horspool and Sister Fralovo. 

So last week Sister Horspool was with Masha (my short-term missionary) from Sunday of last week until Thursday morning. I'll admit that she was and continues to be a huge blessing to me. On Monday night we had to return to Perovo and get some legal documents. While we were there we did some cleaning around their apartment. One thing I have learned to appreciate is cleanliness and I have gained a real fondness for cleaning. 

Tuesday we had district meeting and then we went singing with the district. We had a lot of fun and as we sang it started to snow. Our hymns books were soaked and so were we. Then that night we had a meeting with someone in Perovo, a potential new investigator. It was a good lesson and as it went on we had a lot of fun and the lady remarked at how strange that was: to be smiling and laughing with people you just met. We were late coming home but I am proud to say that we ran in order to be home as soon as possible. We ran as much as we could and then we walked up and down every escalator. We were so tired but I was happy. 

Wednesday was interesting. We had district meeting with Sister Horspool's district. Afterwards we went to the ward building in my area to have a meeting with a lady who has called us a few times to complain about her life. We met with her but all she wanted to do was complain and between two Russians I could not get a word in. At one point Sister Horspool interrupted the lady to ask the question I wanted to ask, "Why did you come and meet with us today?" She was complaining about lack of work and money and we explained that we could not help her. We explained what we are here to do but anytime we asked her a question about religion or what she thought she would not answer it. Finally we ended the meeting with a prayer and invited her to come to church.

After that draining meeting we had a lesson in French. On Sunday the International elders came up to me and told me, "We have 3 new investigators and they want to meet on Wednesday and they don't know English or Russian. Can you come?" Of course, I agreed. I did not teach the entire first lesson but said enough to introduce the Restoration film, which we watched in French. Afterwards, I answered their questions and they agreed to meet again. It was strange to have 5 missionaries in the room and I was the only one who could communicate with them. My French has become really rusty and I know grammar and sentance structure is not my forte in French anymore. But at least I was able to answer their questions and explain the Book of Mormon. Afterwards, Elder Hayes from International said, "I have never wanted to hug a sister missionary so much." because he was so grateful for my help.

Thursday was an early day. We had to meet at 6:30am to join with Sister Horspool's companion. When we got home Masha and I slept. One thing I forgot to mention, on Tuesday after district meeting I caught a cold. Thankfully, it is almost gone but there were some rough days. We also met with Elise. She is doing great despite a lot of hard times. She found out that she is being evicted from her apartment. But she has faith that everything will work out fine and she knew that after baptism she would face some hard times.

Saturday was an interesting day. We met with Ullia, a member who was baptized last year. She has been sick for the past two months and for a long time I could not get a hold of her. I was pretty worried. But we had a good lesson with her and we are trying to help her find friends in the ward. After that we had a meeting with some person I did not know. I called a number in the area book and found out that the person who owned the phone moved back to Chad. But her sister agreed to meet with us. We got lost for 2 hours but eventually we found her. It was strange because she had no idea who we were or what missionaries are but she agreed to meet with us. She had the tv on and although I asked to turn it off she kept it on. It made for an awkward meeting. I gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to church. Unfortunately, she did not come.

Sunday was a good but long day as always. After church Masha met up with her parents and I went with the Perovo sisters. I'll admit that I am glad that Masha had a great experience but I am glad to be in the threesome. She will be a great missionary when she is 21 and has gone to the MTC. I think most what made the time hard was the age difference. As with every experience I have learned a lot about myself and how I react in certain situations.

I'll admit that this threesome will be interesting but I am excited for it. Mostly, I am excited for the chance to finally serve with Sister Horspool, who I knew before the mission. Mainly, we talk about missionary work and how to be more obedient, which I love. Last night we talked about goals and how we can help the mission and it made me so happy. We talked about problems we have seen and how we can work to fix some of the problems. And she has been a big help to me during some hard times and in understanding why I felt the way I did. I feel like I am closer to working towards my full potential. We don't know how long I will be with the Perovo sisters, and I know it will be hard working two areas, but I am excited for this opportunity.

That was a rough outline of the week. Hopefully, spring will come soon. This past week there has been a lot of snow. Thankfully, it has not been too cold. Like I said, I look forward to spring.

Thank you  all. I thank the Lord for how much He has been watching over you. Remember that I love you and appreciate and cherish all your prayers on my behalf.

-Sister Daniel

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