Monday, February 6, 2012

There are always ups and downs.

This week was a little rough at times. When I look back at it really I had a lot of good things happen, which goes to show the importance of attitude. This week we got a lot of figs which is always a little disappointing. But we made the best of it, I suppose. On Monday we were supposed to have a meeting with that new surprise investigator and we even arranged for a member to come. Unfortunately, because her phone number did not work and she probably forgot she never showed up. So, instead we read the Book of Mormon with the Valya, the member. 

On Tuesday I actually went a split with Sister Carlson and that was great. She did a training on the Book of Mormon and then we set out on the metro with the goal to hand out two Books of Mormon. She is amazing and handed out a Book of Mormon and got a contact. I did not hand out any but I did talk to some people and I tried. I still have to work on that whole "awkwardness" thing that I do so well. We did lots of talking and trying to understand my companion. She also asked how I was doing. We had gone on a split with the Training Sisters not long ago but our district leader called Sister Carlson and Sister Fralovo and expressed some concern to them. It was good to talk to Sister Carlson and just feel the joy of missionary work that radiates from her. She always motivates me to do my best and sometimes I worry about whether I can give my all until the end of this transfer. I know that I will endure and survive but I want to really do my best work.

Wednesday we helped Vika, our inactive who is really working on becoming active again. We are serving her every week now and helping her to learn the hymns because she loves music. She also feeds us delicious food and tells us how to things certain things the "true Russian way". Then we made some brownies for English club and as always, English Club is great. One of the ladies is our group really wants to help me learn Russian and so she has been so nice and teaching me lots of words. 

Thursday we had a great meeting with Anna, our investigator about the Plan of Salvation. Wow, I was learning all sorts of new things and she was teaching me about Adam and Eve, why having a plan is important, and the purpose of the Final Judgment. As we discussed the final judgment she made the comment that judgment is really for our benefit. "God knows based on our works where we will go. The judgment helps me to understand why we are sent to different places." We also discussed baptism and she said that the decision to be baptized was made the minute she walked into our church. Right she is thinking about summer and she just wants to better understand and recognize the Holy Ghost. Anna and Vika have been my biggest blessing this transfer.

Friday was rough. I woke up with the biggest headache and felt like I was going to be sick. Unfortuantely, that was the day when we were supposed to have 3 lessons and I was not feeling up to it. I slept but every time I stood up I felt nauseus again. So we called some other sisters and asked for their help. Luckily, one of the them was sick so she came over and stayed with me so my companion could go to the meetings. Thankfully, for my companion our most important meeting cancelled. The sister I stayed with was Sister Horspool, who actually trained Sister Workman. Together we tried to think of ways to help Sister Workman and how to motivate her. As well, we discussed the work and our missions. Having had some challenging transfer we talked about the lessons we had learned and about reaching our potential. Sister Horspool paid me a compliment. She said that she has noticed the I have gained a lot more confidence. Sister Horspool and I go way back to Freshman Year at BYU.

Saturday I was in a bad mood and the events of the day made it worse. No one was answering their phone and I could not get a hold of Valeria, who was recently baptized and has only come to church once since. Then we were supposed to have a meeting and she never showed up then she called and asked where we were. Thankfully, the day improved and we went with the elders to Vika's apartment to help her clean. With Sister Workman we mopped her floor and moved a lot of boxes. I am always happiest serving and some good manual labor helped. 

Sunday was a mixed day. Church was good. But I realize now that I was overly emotional and every small thing was getting to me. Before going out to go contacting I had to go to the bathroom to pray for strength to get through the day. And I did survive and I talked to a few people on the metro. Unfortuately, I did not give out any Books of Mormon but I did try. 

That was our week, filled with lots of good things but some challenges as well. It has been a bit chilly here. On Wednesday it was -20C and it was cold. Sometimes I don't like the cold but most times I don't mind it too much unless we are out contacting for a looong time. It is a nice relief from our apartment which is sooo hot. All of our vegetables go bad so fast if we don't put them in the fridge. 

This will be an interesting transfer and every prayer helps. I am working really hard on trying to not be so judgmental and working on my patience. Some days I feel like I am at the end of my rope. Who knew enduring to the end of a transfer could seem so daunting. But each P-Days reaffirms that I survived =) 

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