Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Update

This week was pretty good. We got a new investigator and she has been so prepared for the Gospel. Like life in general, everyday is a rollercoaster it seems. But since I got a blessing from the elders overall I have felt a lot better. As a companionship we are trying to go contacting everyday and somes days are harder than others. But there are tender mercies from the Lord to be found everyday. 

I'll admit I thought I had patience before but I am getting a crash course in patience and choosing optimism. Prayer has become an anchor for me that I need everyday. After the blessing that I received from the elders I talked with one of the elders that gave the blessing. He said that as he was giving the blessing the strongest impression that came to him was to let me know and make sure that I knew that I was not alone. So that is the mindset I adopt and whenever I feel down or alone I just remember all my friends, family, and most importantly, the Lord and I feel better. 

Yesterday we went contacting with a member from our ward, Masha. Masha is almost 20 and was baptized a year ago. Since her baptism she has wanted to serve a mission. I'll admit, she is a better missionary than I am and I learned so much on how to contact. It was a humbling and inspiring experience because I saw even more areas for improvement and growth. But the blessing of it was that I noticed that I did not feel down on myself afterwards but felt more motivated to improve. We also read the Book of Mormon in Russian with another Young Single Adult. She reads in English and we read in Russian. I still have lots of room for improvement.

This past transfer has provided a lot of challenges and a lot of emotional struggle but I think I have grown a lot and learned more what type of missionary I want to be and trying to bring that vision to pass.

In other news! It has been predicted that the temperature will get done to -13F this week. Yikes! But hopefully I will have some good stories to come out of it. 

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