Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am coming to hate cats...

We have yet to see Conference here but we get to this weekend! Unfortunately, we do not get to watch the Relief Society session at all in English. But I did hear about the temples from the Senior Couples serving in our branch. Yay for France!

Friday turned out to be a very interesting day. My companion, Sister Carlson, went to Kiev on Saturday with her MTC companion, Sister Mordwinow so we had a third companion on Friday. We had district meeting and roleplayed what we would say to Karina when we next meet with her. Afterwards, the elders gave me a blessing and it was just what I needed. In the blessing the elders told me several times that my Heavenly Father loved me and was proud of my efforts her in Moscow. I'll admit I really needed to hear that. I know missions are rough but I always think that I can give more and always ask myself, "Am I give 100% of my effort?" It's hard when you can see what you can become and you are not yet there or can't see youself getting closer.

After the blessing Sister Carlson and I grabbed some lunch and waited for Sister Mordwinow to join us. As we were waiting one of our appointments cancelled. But then we noticed two strangers sitting in the lobby of the Central Building. We went up and introduced ourselves and found out they were British! The was a boy in his first year of university and an older woman. They had both been studying Russian in Russia and were stopping in Moscow for a few days before heading home. At the airport they ran into a member of the Arbatski Ward and he helped them with their bags and brought them to the Central Building. Because our meetings had cancelled we were able to show them around Red Square. It was cool to see because although the two Brits were not members of the Church their families were. If nothing else, I hope our time helped soften their opinions of the missionaries and we were able to do some unexpected service. 

Saturday while my companion was in Kiev I went on a split with Sister Thrall and her companion Sister Fralova, from Latvia. I had a great time. We had two meetings and it was nice to catch up with Sister Thrall and discuss our experiences and see how each other is doing language-wise. Plus, I was able to make some brownies since their apartment has an oven. Oh, the brownies were divine.

None of our investigators have met with us this past week which has been a little bit frustrating, as always. Karina's cat is getting another surgery and she was not able to meet yesterday, hence the title of my email. But at least our work with less actives has been going well. I hope home and visiting teaching was discussed in conference. If members all did their home and visiting teaching the work everywhere would explode. And some of the less actives, especially the older ladies, are just lonely. We helped Sister Menayeva buy watermelons and cut up 50 cloves of garlic (by hand) for a sauce she was making. As we had our spiritual thought she just loved to talk. These ladies are lonely and don't get many visits and I always ask myself, "Where are their teachers?"

Well, that was my past week. In other news as a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon together. We started last week and we will finish it by the end of the year. President encouraged us to read the books in reverse order, starting with Moroni. Wow. It was so sad to read about all the destruction and death and how all of that could have been avoided if they had repented and turned onto the love. Perhaps the most heartbreaking scripture is Mormon 6:17 "O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected Jesus who stood with open arms to receive you!" And I have thought of the importance of believing the Lord, not only in the scriptures but in blessing I receive as well. In short, I love the Book of Mormon and am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained. I wish I could include even a tenth part of all I have been learning. 

I love you all and thank you for all of your prayers and support. I am doing my best to be worthy of all you are doing for me.

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