Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, September has started and the weather has gotten a little nippier. I think I am going to have to buy my winter stuff sometime this month. I haven't done any shopping, other than grocery shopping, since I arrived so I'm a little nervous. I am aware that I am being irrational.

People are starting to come back (finially) but school has also started. But we think that thigns will look up. Although we still have four investigators that I have not yet met. Sister Bullough and I have interviews tomorrow so we will find out what will happen with transfers. Also, next week I have my first visa trip to Kiev next Friday. 

Saturday we had a great meeting with Tamara. She served us herbal tea and ice cream! (The shock is I actually liked the tea. I didn't like how hot it was but I liked the flavor. I'm making progress!) She was a member referral and it is great that her best friend is in our ward because we can talk to her friend and find out how best to teach her and meet her needs. We watched the Restoration film and did a brief overview of the first lesson. She agreed to read the Book of Mormon everyday. She said she couldn't come to church but she said she would try another week. She is very sincere and has a lot of faith. I left the lesson excited. I'm a little sad to admit but it has been a while since I have felt that excitement.

On Sunday we accidently went to a forbidden city. In our area some cities are forbidden to Americans. Well, basically any non-Russians. We called us district leader to find out if we could go. Our legal lady gave us the OK to go there. However, he did not tell us that if we go there we need to take off our tags. Thankfully, nothing happened to us. It was a little bit frustrating because the places we were looking for did not exist. We had a map and followed it and we would find all the building on the map but not the one we were looking for. And an active member lives in one! At one place we walked around the entire apartment looking for door 8. We found door 7 and door 9, but no door 8. We had to laugh and we joked that it must be like in Harry Potter: invisible unless you have a ward or know the magic words. Sadly, the words weren't written in the area book and we forgot our wards at home. 

Yesterday was a fun day. A drunk lady threatened to kill us. We have been working on the area book since our investigators still have not been able to meet a lot and we have been going around and taking photos of the apartments where members and less actives live in case the area ever gets shotgunned (meaning that two new missionaries are assigned to a area they have never served in before). So we talking photos when a lady, very drunk, walked up to us. She rudely asked what we were doing because she thought we were selling something and Sister Bullough explained what we were doing very simply since she was drunk. Then like a switch had been hit she started to yell at us. Neither Sister Bullough nor I felt good so we started to walk away. She followed us. We walked a little faster and so did she. She got louder and more threatening. Then she said she was going to kill us. Thankfully, when we got onto the main street she did not follow us. Phew.

I have not given a prayer in church or a talk. I bore my testimony my first Sunday. There is a specific teacher for Gospel Essentials so I don't teach. I do try to participate though.

I'm doing OK. I'll admit I am a little sad that the day I write you in the day that I feel the weight of my weaknesses and inadquanices the most. I'll admit, preparation days are hard for me. My biggest casuality during this transfer has been my confidence. I have been studying about confidence and trying to carry myself better. I picked up the habit of biting my nails again so I am trying to stop that... again. But everything will be okay and I use this as an opportunity to draw closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father. 

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